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Top 10 Tips to Choose Genuine Gemstone for Jewelry Making

Jewelry is the most crucial part of every girl's final look, any special occasion or a festival. No outfit is complete without the right jewelry accompanying it. And when it comes to jewelry, what could be better than gemstone jewelry? Gemstone jewelry is becoming popular day by day as the gemstones add the required charm to your jewelry pieces and the colors to make it easy for you to match your jewelry with your costume. If you're a jewelry maker or designer, you know how important Gemstones are for jewelry making. So let us check out a few tips that would help you pick the right Gemstones while designing jewelry pieces.

1. Analyze the need

The first step before choosing the Gemstone for the jewelry is how many pieces your design needs and in what contrast. That saves a lot of time which is spent back and forth. Moreover, if you need the stones in bulk, it usually costs you less than usual.

2. Determine the type of stone

Now that you know how many stones you need, it is important to focus on the kind of stones you need. For some people, stones are especially worn as remedies, not just as accessories, so you should know which stone you have been asked to wear and how huge it should be. You can find all kinds of stones at wholesale gemstone beads online stores.

3. DIY tests to assure if the stone is real

As we spend a lot of money on a gemstone for jewelry making, it is very important to satisfy ourselves if the stone is real. To make sure, you can perform a few DIY tests that help you examine if the stone is real.

4. Color of the Gemstone

Again, the color of the original stone plays a lot of importance as it helps us to decide the best one among the bulk. If the real color of the stone is visible, and the stone is clean and has clarity, then the Gemstone is of good quality.

5. Quality of the stone

Just like the originality test, it is very important to go through the stone's quality, as the quality comes first when you are buying a gemstone. A good quality gemstone can make your world, but if we buy anything wrong in a hurry, it might break us.

6. Credibility of seller

If you want to ensure that the seller provides you with 100% correct products, then make sure the seller is credible enough. It is very important to go for a background check before buying anything precious, especially precious gemstones online.

7. Check reviews

If you find your jeweler online, make sure that you always go through the reviews. Nobody rather than the existing customers could tell how good or bad the venture is. Hence, always do a background check, no matter what.

8. Shape and size of the stones

There are certain shapes and sizes which are only possible for a few stones. Hence, shape and size could easily tell if the shape will fit you or not and whether it is genuine. Natural raw gemstones online can be easily found, but one should always read the shape and size in the introduction.

9. Transparency

Once you are confirmed for the genuineness of the stone, now to determine the price of the same, you need to check if the stone is transparent or not. If yes, it is expensive and vice versa.

10. Take bills

Never forget to take bills if you organize a big family event or a smaller one, especially for super precious stones.

To conclude

With the help of the above tips, you will surely be able to buy gemstone online jewelry stones easily and completely genuine. But, make sure to find a reliable gemstone supplier and buy certified stone for jewelry making.

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