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How to Care for, Clean, and Store/Keep Gemstone Jewelry

Today we will talk about something very important to everyone in day-to-day life, something you cannot do without, and something which seldom needs expertise and advice. So, today we will be talking about how to take care of your gemstone jewelry for it to stay every shiny and sparkly for years to come.

It is challenging for some people to take care of their belongings and when it comes to jewelry things do tend to get a little out of hand. People especially those who are drawn to just throwing things in the pile or of just throwing them off in the cupboard often forget that their jewelry also needs a bit of care to maintain its luster and quality. If taken proper care of your jewelry will stay longer and nicer.

Now when we talk about cleaning, some techniques may differ from another depending on whether the gemstone jewellery is made in sterling silver or gold.

So how to maintain gemstone jewelry made up of silver and gold:

The number one thing to realise is that your jewelry needs maintenance. If your gemstone is made up of 24k gold, you may want to clean it with a gold cleaner or take it into a warm bath. For rings, especially those which you wear regularly for example wedding rings you can soak them in mild soapy water and then scrub it gently using a soft bristle brush. You can easily get rid of some of the surface dust using this method.

If your gemstone jewellery is made up of sterling silver it is always advisable to keep the jewellery in an air-tight container or a plastic bag. This method helps the air from getting to the silver piece. Still, if your jewellery seems dirty then it is advisable to use anti-tarnish tabs. They are really simple to use. All you have to do is to simply throw them in your jewellery bag to avoid tarnishing.

When you see that your gemstone jewellery has negligible dirt you can even use some of the soft cleaning cloths to get rid of them.

Cleaning gemstone jewellery:

There are different ways to clean different gemstones. Before cleaning a jewellery piece it is best advisable to research and then start the cleaning process as all the gemstones have different properties and different materials react differently to each gemstone.

Gemstone jewellery is precious and often worn regularly and hence is prone to damage. You should always keep in mind not to clean your gemstone jewellery with the help of any harsh cleaner such as bleach or floor cleaners. A gemstone jewellery should always be cleaned with special and advisable jewellery cleaners only.

Take Special Care of Different Settings

Every gemstone jewellery comes with a different setting, you should know about the various types of gem facets before you start the cleaning process.

Setting having faceted stones:

If your gemstone jewellery has transparent faceted gemstones, you should focus on cleaning the pavilion facets below the girdle of the gem to make your piece look shiny and full of luster. Unfortunately, dirt tends to accumulate on the underside of a gem, the cleaning thus has to be done carefully and properly. These facets play a critical role in gemstone dispersion and help in beautifully reflecting the colors of the gemstone.

Prong Setting:

If your jewellery has a prong setting, then it gets difficult to reach the pavilion and clean the piece. For such type of jewellery a fine camel hair artist’s brush is highly recommended. This special brush helps in getting at the pavilions and the prongs, thus cleaning the piece conveniently and efficiently.

Cleaning Gemstone Jewellery with Pearls

If your gemstone jewellery has some additional pearls to it, remember not to use any kind of jewellery cleaner on the pearls. The best method to clean the pearls is by using a soft cleaning cloth.

Some things to take care of while cleaning:

It is always a good idea to keep your jewellery in a rather dry and tempted place, you don’t want to keep it where there is a lot of moisture. Here are some points you should always keep in mind before you start with the cleaning process:

1. The gemstone jewellery should also not come in direct contact with heat (like cooking or bonfire). When cleaning at home it is always advisable to use lukewarm water instead of hot water to avoid causing damages to the stones in the jewellery.

2. Every gemstone is unique, all the gemstones are altered after that they are extracted from the earth, these treatments and enhancements affect how you should clean and care for your colored gemstone jewellery.

3. After wearing wipe your gemstone jewellery with a clean soft slightly damped cloth. This will enhance the luster of the gemstones and ensure that your jewellery is clean before storage.

4. Your gemstone jewellery should always be stored in individual boxes or pouches.

5. Avoid exposing your precious gemstone jewellery to saltwater or any other harsh chemicals like chlorine or detergents. When the jewellery comes in contact with these chemicals, the chances are that these chemicals may slowly erode the finishing and polish of the gemstones in the jewellery.

6. Hair spray, perfumes, and other perspirants may cause the jewellery to become dull and lifeless over time. That is why you should ensure to apply all the cosmetics, perfumes, and colognes before putting on the gemstone jewellery.

7. Make sure to wipe off your gemstone jewellery after wearing it, to remove all the chemicals, oils, or perspirations.

8. If somebody advises going for ultra-sonic cleaning, think once. You should be extra cautious with ultrasonic cleaners; some gemstones are fragile and can be damaged by ultrasonic cleaners.

Almost all colored gemstone jewelry can be safely cleaned using a mild soap solution and a soft-bristle toothbrush, you have to make sure that you are not using something coarse or abrasive as you do not want to get scratches on the piece. One should always keep in mind to thoroughly rinse and dry your jewellery after cleaning and before storing it safely in the cupboard. Treat your gemstones with care and they will stay brilliantly beautiful. If you are still not comfortable getting your pieces cleaned at home, you can always take professional help.

Get Professional help in maintaining and cleaning your gemstones:

Knowing your jewellery is the critical first step to choosing the best cleaning method. Going to well-known jewelers can help you extract some information about the gemstone jewellery that you have purchased. Professionals can accurately identify your gems as well as any treatments that they have received over time. They also can help you by assessing the unique inclusions and physical damages of you the gemstones embedded in your jewellery and help with their caring and cleaning process. Contact Prismatic Gems to help you guide through the best ways in which you can take care of your gemstone jewellery.

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