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How To Decide The Weight (Or Size) Of Genuine Precious Gemstone?

Weighing a gemstone or measuring it is never a task as we have all the instruments to do that for us once we have the gemstone in our hands. However, when that precious gemstone is in a jewelry setting, or we can say it is studded in a particular jewelry piece, it becomes tough to decide the actual weight and size of the gemstone. Also, it is important to know the weight and size because you ultimately pay for the stone based on its weight and size. Therefore, we often get confused if we are paying for the metal in a jewelry piece or for the stone, and hence, sometimes we also get cheated. Therefore, to avoid all such issues, it is necessary to learn how to identify the stone's correct weight.

Size of Gemstone Matters

Whenever we think of buying a gemstone, we often get confused about what size. Of course, we can get many genuine precious stones, from healing benefits to customizing the jewellery. However, the point is how we can choose the right size or the weight of the gemstone beads. Well, you don't have to worry, this guide will surely help.

Here are some quick tips that will help you decide the gemstone's weight in a jewelry set.

Step-1- Measure the gem

To know the weight of a particular gemstone, it is really important first to understand its size. You can try to measure the gemstone's size even in the jewelry set with the help of a scale or measuring tape. However, even if you get the approximate size of the gemstone, it is valuable data to identify the weight of the natural gemstone. Once you know the gemstone's size and are aware of the shape, you should record all its propositions. Now you need to look for the specific gravity for the stone, which will help you find the weight of the stone.

Step-2- Use formulas to calculate the weight

There are specific mathematical formulas that help you quickly calculate a particular gemstone's weight once you have its size, shape, and information about its cut. You can use these formulas to calculate the weight of any raw gemstone. Moreover, it is really important to know which procedure to use. You can also take the help of the experts so that you use the right formula. And even the internet has much information on these formulas, so, you can read and get to know. The ultimate result of the calculation will be in carats as the gemstones are measured in carats.

Step-3 Adjust Your Gem Weight Estimate

If you want to get the accurate weight of the loose gemstone, then it is very important to make sure that the gemstone you are calculating the weight for is in equal proportion. If it is not well-proportioned, and you feel it is thick from any side because of its shape, there are specific guidelines on how you can subtract a few per cent of the weight for a particular thickness and get the accurate weight of the gemstones. You can always refer to the rules while doing the calculation.


It is not that difficult to decide the weight and size of any gemstone, be it diamond rose cut or quartz gemstone. All you need is the correct measurements and the right set of formulas to calculate. Of course, you can always refer to all the information available on the internet for an easy calculation. And you can also take the help of the expert jewelers, such as Prismatic gems, for the accurate weight.


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