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Trending Gemstones in 2020 pandemic year

The pandemic year has been harsh on all of us. Still, there were a few good things that this year has taught us a feeling of empathy, patience, togetherness, and survival. We saw that no matter how bad things could turn, we could all come out of it just by remaining positive. Despite us all being home, many things were trending on the internet, be it some art of making coffee or some means that brought us closer to positive vibes.

If we talk about jewelry and gemstones, fashion is constantly changing, and people aren't just looking at the diamond for inspiration. With so many gemstones available in the market these days, one can make a statement with almost any trending jewelry. Women these days are now asking for sapphire, opal, ruby, and any other gemstone for their engagement rings, and this is a massive shift from women earlier who only used to prefer a diamond. Today we at Prismatic Gems bring you a list of unique gemstones seen trending during the 2020 pandemic year.

Let’s have a glance at why these stones made to the top:

Like a refreshing glass of lemonade, citrine can bring a quick, energetic pick-me-up to those who use this stone with diligence and respect. The beautiful fancy shapes like citrine melons and citrine cushion sugarloaf were trending in 2020. The yellow color of citrine symbolizes the qualities of joy and abundance. In times of low to moderate stress, citrine is the perfect ally for realigning your energies back into balance. Citrine also represents spiritual joy since it is known to spread positivity and energy around.

Amethyst is a powerful crystal that is known to transform lives. This beautiful stone's availability in shapes like melons, tumbles, faceted beads, and regular ovals kept it trending in 2020. The beautiful colors of amethyst impart spiritual qualities like groundedness, tranquility, and calm. Its radiant purple and white colors represent the sobriety of emotions and spirituality in the user. Amethyst is known for its quality of improving intellectual and cerebral thought. The complexities of the modern world, especially the pandemic year, let even the brightest of us fall to the prey of brain fog, but amethyst can help you keep and a calm and clear head.

Lavender Quartz is a beautiful stone primarily known for instilling the feeling of self-love in the user.

It imparts peacefulness and gentleness. The fantastic cuts of this enticing stone helped it top the charts in the year 2020. When added to any jewelry, available in tumbles, emerald cut, and teardrops, lavender quartz never fails to enhance its beauty. With the ability to calm and soothe one's temperament, you can use one of those stones when you are having a lot of anxiety due to your life changes. Getting a piece of jewelry with lavender quartz helps remove mental blocks from your life during such times.

Emeralds (Russian mines)

If you are a jewelry lover, there is not much that we need to tell you about this gorgeous stone. The Russian Emerald was a great catch in the pandemic year due to its low cost and pastel hues in great demand last year. The beautiful green color of Emerald never fails to enchant anyone who looks at this, and when it comes in shapes like tumbles, smooth rondelles, teardrops

, and carvings, it is a delight to look at! Known for bringing any jewelry to life, emeralds are also known for their remarkable healing properties. Emeralds have this unique balance of bringing abundant energy and wisdom to your life.

Tourmaline (Burmese pink)

Pink Tourmaline comes in a wide range of hues, from the softest shades of link some of the bright and vibrant pink colors giving you a nurturing and calm feel when your ones look at it. But what caught everyone’s eye in the pandemic year was Burmese Tourmaline. The stone’s beautiful pastel hues were in high demand in shapes like tumbles and ovals. A stone of compassion, this stone helps you become more lovable and calmer, especially during a crisis such as the pandemic year. It awakens the humanitarian aspect and allows you to enjoy the world's simple pleasures by bringing joy and love to your life.

Blue topaz is the most popular type of topaz which you will find in the market. The stone is also known as the symbol of love and adoration. The lovely blue stone available in shapes like melons and sugarloaf helps balance and support you in times of change. Interestingly in Ancient Greek, the stone was believed to bring strength, and In India, it is thought to if the blue topaz is worn about the heart, this stone is said to bring longevity, health, and peace to the wearer. Due to the

significance, this stone was the red-hot pick in the year 2020.

Often considered the most beautiful stone amongst all the stones, aquamarine is the stone of courage and letting go. Aquamarine carved flowers were seen to be in high demand in the year 2020. The beautiful stone was also seen ravishing the charts in rondelles and emerald cuts. With all the adverse scenarios that prevailed in the last year, this stone's energy is a must-have! Amidst all the negativity, a beautiful ray of optimistic hope is all that we appreciate; aquamarine is such a stone that will do wonders by eliminating all your negativity and filling your lives with positivity.

Diamonds are forever, but last year we saw diamond beads trending the charts. These gorgeously cut stones are what people wanted to have in the pandemic year. Diamond beads in the colors green, blue, and black which the best sellers with Prismatic Gems. Just one glance at their brilliant-cut in rondelles will leave you enchanted. These diamond beads in their raw cut form can also be adorned in the form of a beautiful necklace or bracelet. When combined with a pendant, these gorgeous beads never fail to add glitz to your outfits.

Having known about such beautiful gemstones, we hope that we could justify the benefit of each stone and let you know what made these incredible pieces trend, especially During the 2020 pandemic year. You can even check out these beautiful stones with Prismatic Gems, and we are sure that having these stones will change your life for the better. With an extensive collection of precious and semi-precious stones, we at Prismatic Gems are determined to provide our customers with the best quality stones available in the market.


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