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    • Gemstone viewing on Video Call

      For you to have a clear & better decision on your purchase, We would like to offer a video call service, so you can watch GEMSTONES LIVE. The meetings will help us both evolve and have a good business relationship.

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    • How to Care for, Clean, and Store/Keep Gemstone Jewelry

      Today we will talk about something very important to everyone in day-to-day life, something you cannot do without, and something which seldom needs expertise and advice. So, today we will be talking about how to take care of your gemstone jewelry for it to stay every shiny and sparkly for years to come. It is challenging for some people to take care of their belongings and when it comes to jewelry things do tend to get a little out of hand. People especially those who are drawn to just throwing things in the pile or of just throwing them off in the cupboard often forget that their jewelry also needs a bit of care to maintain its luster and quality. If taken proper care of your jewelry will stay longer and nicer. Now when we talk about cleaning, some techniques may differ from another depending on whether the gemstone jewellery is made in sterling silver or gold. So how to maintain gemstone jewelry made up of silver and gold: The number one thing to realise is that your jewelry needs maintenance. If your gemstone is made up of 24k gold, you may want to clean it with a gold cleaner or take it into a warm bath. For rings, especially those which you wear regularly for example wedding rings you can soak them in mild soapy water and then scrub it gently using a soft bristle brush. You can easily get rid of some of the surface dust using this method. If your gemstone jewellery is made up of sterling silver it is always advisable to keep the jewellery in an air-tight container or a plastic bag. This method helps the air from getting to the silver piece. Still, if your jewellery seems dirty then it is advisable to use anti-tarnish tabs. They are really simple to use. All you have to do is to simply throw them in your jewellery bag to avoid tarnishing. When you see that your gemstone jewellery has negligible dirt you can even use some of the soft cleaning cloths to get rid of them. Cleaning gemstone jewellery: There are different ways to clean different gemstones. Before cleaning a jewellery piece it is best advisable to research and then start the cleaning process as all the gemstones have different properties and different materials react differently to each gemstone. Gemstone jewellery is precious and often worn regularly and hence is prone to damage. You should always keep in mind not to clean your gemstone jewellery with the help of any harsh cleaner such as bleach or floor cleaners. A gemstone jewellery should always be cleaned with special and advisable jewellery cleaners only. Take Special Care of Different Settings Every gemstone jewellery comes with a different setting, you should know about the various types of gem facets before you start the cleaning process. Setting having faceted stones: If your gemstone jewellery has transparent faceted gemstones, you should focus on cleaning the pavilion facets below the girdle of the gem to make your piece look shiny and full of luster. Unfortunately, dirt tends to accumulate on the underside of a gem, the cleaning thus has to be done carefully and properly. These facets play a critical role in gemstone dispersion and help in beautifully reflecting the colors of the gemstone. Prong Setting: If your jewellery has a prong setting, then it gets difficult to reach the pavilion and clean the piece. For such type of jewellery a fine camel hair artist’s brush is highly recommended. This special brush helps in getting at the pavilions and the prongs, thus cleaning the piece conveniently and efficiently. Cleaning Gemstone Jewellery with Pearls If your gemstone jewellery has some additional pearls to it, remember not to use any kind of jewellery cleaner on the pearls. The best method to clean the pearls is by using a soft cleaning cloth. Some things to take care of while cleaning: It is always a good idea to keep your jewellery in a rather dry and tempted place, you don’t want to keep it where there is a lot of moisture. Here are some points you should always keep in mind before you start with the cleaning process: 1. The gemstone jewellery should also not come in direct contact with heat (like cooking or bonfire). When cleaning at home it is always advisable to use lukewarm water instead of hot water to avoid causing damages to the stones in the jewellery. 2. Every gemstone is unique, all the gemstones are altered after that they are extracted from the earth, these treatments and enhancements affect how you should clean and care for your colored gemstone jewellery. 3. After wearing wipe your gemstone jewellery with a clean soft slightly damped cloth. This will enhance the luster of the gemstones and ensure that your jewellery is clean before storage. 4. Your gemstone jewellery should always be stored in individual boxes or pouches. 5. Avoid exposing your precious gemstone jewellery to saltwater or any other harsh chemicals like chlorine or detergents. When the jewellery comes in contact with these chemicals, the chances are that these chemicals may slowly erode the finishing and polish of the gemstones in the jewellery. 6. Hair spray, perfumes, and other perspirants may cause the jewellery to become dull and lifeless over time. That is why you should ensure to apply all the cosmetics, perfumes, and colognes before putting on the gemstone jewellery. 7. Make sure to wipe off your gemstone jewellery after wearing it, to remove all the chemicals, oils, or perspirations. 8. If somebody advises going for ultra-sonic cleaning, think once. You should be extra cautious with ultrasonic cleaners; some gemstones are fragile and can be damaged by ultrasonic cleaners. Almost all colored gemstone jewelry can be safely cleaned using a mild soap solution and a soft-bristle toothbrush, you have to make sure that you are not using something coarse or abrasive as you do not want to get scratches on the piece. One should always keep in mind to thoroughly rinse and dry your jewellery after cleaning and before storing it safely in the cupboard. Treat your gemstones with care and they will stay brilliantly beautiful. If you are still not comfortable getting your pieces cleaned at home, you can always take professional help. Get Professional help in maintaining and cleaning your gemstones: Knowing your jewellery is the critical first step to choosing the best cleaning method. Going to well-known jewelers can help you extract some information about the gemstone jewellery that you have purchased. Professionals can accurately identify your gems as well as any treatments that they have received over time. They also can help you by assessing the unique inclusions and physical damages of you the gemstones embedded in your jewellery and help with their caring and cleaning process. Contact Prismatic Gems to help you guide through the best ways in which you can take care of your gemstone jewellery.

    • How To Select The Right Gemstones To Wear?

      Welcome to the world of gemstones! This colorful world indeed provides you with a lot of options to choose from. But the question always remains the same which one should you wear? Of course, you might want to wear your birthstone. You might even choose the stones based on beauty or color or one might even select something according to its healing properties. But is that the right way? Gemstones are considered as a means to combat planetary issues and defects but they are also the ones that are the most misunderstood. It is often seen that people wear a gemstone without having proper knowledge about the same. When you should wear gemstones? Why you should wear gemstones? Is wearing gemstones good or bad for you? These are some of the questions that one must have the answers to before making a gemstone an integral part of your life. If you go to an astrologer and they prescribe you the gemstones, it is often seen that many of us tend to take their advice and wear that gemstone. But sometimes what happens is you often go by the things you hear from friends or family. Like for example, it is very commonly heard that if you are not feeling well wear a pearl; if you are feeling angry wear Corals; if you are facing any financial issues you can resort to wearing Emerald or Pukhraj (Yellow Sapphire) as Jupiter is the ruler of wealth in the horoscope. But is that even real? Many times, in life you will come across people wearing 4-5 stones in their hand? Does that mean that all their planets are in alignment? So how does this work? Gemstones are always to be prescribed after seeing the condition of a planet otherwise the results could be not so fruitful for some people. The gemstones you wear should align with your aura, only then you will be able to see the desired results. You should analyze your horoscope to know whether the gemstones are good for you or blocking all your doors and stopping you from moving ahead in life. So, let us begin by answering a simple question for you: How does gemstone work? It is often noticed that some people like to resort to their astrological charts before choosing a gemstone while others do this selection based on their liking. If you are a master of your choice then we recommend you to do some research before making a gemstone a part of your life. But, on the other hand, if you are into the astrological procedure, before choosing a gemstone here is what you should keep in mind while selecting the correct stone for you: It is often known that if some planets do not suit our life and are known to bring some obstacles in our astrological chart, wearing a gemstone will fix that and will help conquer that planet. But is that the truth? You will be surprised to know that it isn't the case. Gemstones increase the potential of a planet whether good or bad. So, if a planet is good it becomes better and if a planet is bad it will further worsen the case. There are functional benefic and functional malefic planets, there are normal benefic and normal malefic planets in your horoscope, and there are time-bound benefic and time-bound malefic planets in your horoscope. All you got to do is that you have to carefully identity, read, and analyze and then only come to a conclusion of whether to wear a gemstone. Now before going ahead, let us talk about a few cases where people are generally driven to wear a gemstone and they should not! 1. People are generally drawn to wear a gemstone when they find out that some of their planets are malefic. But should you do that? The answer is no! Wearing a gemstone knowing that your planet is malefic will only give power to the negative energy of that planet. This will only tend to destroy your life and push you towards negativity. 2. The next scenario is when a planet is weak and the planet is negative. So, if a malefic planet is weak it is good for you. It is acting like a vaccine for you. It will work as immunity for your horoscope. It might be that you are facing certain issues because of that planet or that planet might be making you uncomfortable. Then there are other ways of pushing those problems away from your life. You cannot just wear a gemstone of a malefic planet and expect to get things fixed. 3. The third scenario is when the planet is neutral. In such a case you have to check whether a neutral planet is giving you a good result or a bad result. If the planet is giving you good results you can wear the gemstone if the planet is giving you a bad result you cannot wear it. 4. The fourth scenario is when the planet is strong and positive and is already giving you positive results. This is the worst case to wear a gemstone. Confused? We will explain it better with the example. Think of a person having sugar and still consuming excess sweets. This will result in nothing but the person ending up having diabetes. I hope we made our point clear with this. When things are already good don't be greedy for the better, with gemstones it might even turn bad for you! 5. The fifth scenario and the only case where you should wear a gemstone is where a positive planet, a functional planet is weak. But still before wearing one you have to see that in the horoscope that the planet shouldn't fall into a house where it has a possibility of becoming negative. The planet has to be benefic and weak, to wear a gemstone. This is the one favorable case where a person should be thinking of wearing a gemstone. Now that we have laid down the scenarios for you, we hope it will be easier for you to decide whether to wear a gemstone or not. But the question remains, how to find out which gemstone is right for you? Picking a gemstone by intention The easiest way to choose a gemstone is by deciding which area of your life you want to improve, then pick a gemstone that resonates with this intention. As we all know each gemstone has unique properties that change our energy field in different ways. For example, if a person is interested in self-development, protection, or general well-being, multiple gemstones can be found whose energy aligns with the desired intention. Once you've decided on what you want to achieve by wearing the gemstone, you can go on looking at the various properties that different gemstones have to offer. But while choosing a gemstone with this scenario there might be a problem that may arise. What if you don't know what is that that you want to achieve though? Worry not we bring you a solution to that as well! If such a situation arises then we recommended for you to choose the gemstone which resonates with your chakra. Now before going further let us throw light on what are these chakras and how can they affect our lives? Chakras are spiritual energy centers that are often depicted as spinning wheels. If our chakras are open, they help by keeping us healthy and balanced, but problems arise if our chakras are blocked or unbalanced. Gemstones have the power of helping us deal with these Chakra blockages. We have seven main Chakras that are believed to align with our spine through to the top of the head. They are linked to our nervous system and major organs, as well as our psychological, emotional, and spiritual being. Each Chakra is connotated with a different color and thus has different stones associated with each. By identifying which Chakra is to be unblocked or needs to be balanced, you can determine the best gemstone which will help you. Understanding Gemstones better It is often seen that people choose to wear a gemstone according to their sign or according to where the sun is in their horoscope. It is not the correct way. Determining the right gemstone for an individual is not an easy task. All this requires a careful study by a learned astrologer. The positions of the planets affect various aspects of a person's life such as relationship, marriage, love, etc. Choosing a gemstone can sometimes be a difficult task even with the experts. This process becomes more tedious especially when one is using gemstones for planetary benefits. Once we have decided whether we are choosing to wear a gemstone or not, then the next task comes to finding a good quality gemstone. We have talked a lot about how to select a gemstone by consulting an astrologer or analyzing your astrological chart. Now let us talk about the readers who do not believe in the astrological drill and would like to pick the perfect gemstone for themselves. For those readers here's what they can do before selecting the perfect gemstone for themselves. While figuring out which gemstone is the right fit for you, let us begin by answering the following questions first: Whether you want to wear precious or semi-precious gems? Would you want to wear your gemstone every day or occasionally? Are you looking for a "statement piece" of gemstone full of color or clarity? What size gemstone are you planning to wear? After all these basic questions are answered the search for the right gemstone then begins! We are often drawn to particular gemstones at different times in our lives. Whilst sometimes it's simply because we like the color of the stone or the way the gemstone sparkles, and sometimes it is because the stone contains natural healing energy and properties that offer the healing that we require at that time. Reading about the gemstone and ways to select the right one for you will help you to understand the attraction it holds for you. There are so many kinds of gemstones available in the market and nowadays they are available online too. You can choose to buy the best quality gemstones from Prismatic Gems. All you have to do is simply log on to and select the one that you have been looking for. Providing our customers with nothing but the best, we believe in delivering quality products at the best prices.

    • SPINEL The under-appreciated Gemstone.

      Historically, Spinel has always been misunderstood as Ruby. Many famous red colored stones on antique crowns and jewels thought to have been ruby were actually found out to be spinel. Moreover, this gem got its own beauty and merits which makes it stand out yet it has long been under appreciated and undervalued in the market. It is now starting to be recognized as a true treasured gem as it comes with phenomenal brilliance, “neon” shades, saturated yet not dark tones and spectacular range of colors. Is Spinel appreciated enough in the market? Spinel is a beautiful gem which comes in variety of hues from intense “ruby” red to hot pinks due to the traces of chromium in it, higher the chromium content stronger the intensity of red in the spinel. They also come in colors like orange, purple and low saturated yet pretty Lavender colored which is quite popular amongst the millennials. Spinels are mined from various sources like Tajikistan, Burma, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Vietnam, Mozambique, Madagascar and Tanzania. All the sources have different features and beauty which helps to identify the source of the Spinel on the basis of intensity of color, neon like appearance, perfect octahedron crystals and inclusions. Tajikistan is a country in central Asia, which is surrounded by countries like Afghanistan, China, Uzbekistan and Kyrgyzstan. Pamir mountains in Tajikistan is one of the oldest sources of Spinel. They often come in alluring low saturated shades of pinks. It is one of the most important sources of spinel historically also. The black prince’s Ruby set above Cullinan II diamond on Britain’s Imperial state crown is in fact a large 170 carat of Tajik Spinel. The famous Queen Victoria’s necklace a 361 carat “Timur Ruby” is also a Spinel from Tajikistan, there are in fact a lot of jewels from the ancient treasure which were thought to be a Ruby but are Spinel actually. The rich beautiful pink hue of Spinel from Tajikistan will catch anyone’s eye. Rough (290 Ct) Tajik Spinel Tumble (220 Ct) We Prismatic Gems are a second-generation Jeweler & Gem dealer and a Gemologist from GIA (NY), based in the “pink city” Jaipur, India. Jaipur is the capital of the state Rajasthan, is an exciting beautiful city known for its rich heritage, culture, history and is a global leading colored gemstone cutting and trading industry. Jaipur being a major trading center we get fruitful opportunity to meet people from all over the world and to learn about their culture. In late 2019, a man from Tajikistan had come to Jaipur to sell his recently mined Spinel, after a long negotiation we got our hands on this exceptional and rare 290 carats of a single Spinel rough, after rigorous decision making, we decided to make a tumble from the rough stone due to its heavy inclusions yet rich color. The following drops are made from the material we purchased last year, very fine quality drops, rare and unique in every way possible. Tajik Spinel (Drops) (142 Carats of Spinel drops pair)

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    • Buy Gemstone for Jewelry by Prismatic Gems

      Diamond Beads New Collection Buy Gemstones at Prismatic Gems Raw Gemstone Buy Now Manufacturers of Precious and Semiprecious Gemstones from pink city, Jaipur, . With over 30 years of experience in manufacturing gems from , we work towards supplying and satisfying customers needs and demands. India RAW Everything in our shop is handcrafted with lots of hard work, love and patience of our artisans. Having direct sourcing of from the and in-house , we provide a wide range of gemstones, quality assured at the best prices. raw material mines Lapidary Explore Gems Beads Cabs Cuts Raw Crystals Gems FULL HANK OF 15 STRANDS $199.99 Closeout Deals Pre-Discounted Items Silver Jewelry Chains & earrings View All Products Book an Appointment With Our Graduate Gemologist (GG, GIA) Want to see before buying? Wishlist and Watch it ! a video-call now. GEMSTONES LIVE Book ZOOM Gemstone viewing on Video Call Let us know which listing/gemstone you would like to watch LIVE Read More 30 min BOOK NOW TOP TRENDING Emerald Baguette Emerald Baguette Shape Natural Gemstone suitable for rings / pendants Buy Now Price: $35.20/1piece Raw Amethyst AAA High Grade Natural Amethyst Raw Material Amethyst Fine Rough Gemstone stone Buy Now Price: $96.62/5pcs Green Diamond Beads Green Diamond Beads 16 Inches 2 To 3 mm Approx Top Color Beads 1 Strand Buy Now Price: $369.09/Strand Bi Colour Tourmaline Tourmaline Watermelon Rare Bi Coloured Slices Buy Now Price $375.80/7pcs EXCLUSIVE PRODUCTS Aquamarine Buy Aquamarine Gemstone Online - Cabs, Carvings, Beads and More ! Price: From $30 Buy Now Gem Carvings Buy Gemstones carving handcrafted carved natural gems by local artisans. Price: From $49 Buy Now Tourmaline Buy tourmaline gem, semi-precious colorful gems, Rubellite Indicolite & even bi color tourmaline. Price: From $49 Buy Now Tumbled Gem Buy exclusive gemstone tumbled shape natural stone gem quality Price From $49 Buy Now Why Us? Free Shipping Worldwide Free economy shipping worldwide $30 Express shipping NO MINIMUM ORDER VALUE Returns Accepted ​ Easy Returns & Refunds Closeout Deals Our Story Family Owned & Operated Gems from Raw Handcrafted gemstone in our IN-HOUSE LAPIDARY PRE-Discounted deals at very attractive prices 30yrs+ experience in Crafting Gems and 2nd gen Business managers VIDEOS INSTAGRAM OUR REVIEWS Irina Sokolinskaya Amazing strand ! Exceptional quality better than on the picture. We tested on the gem tester - natural amethyst. I highly recommend this seller, he is my favorite among all - honest, helpful and very nice in the communication ​ Marina This shop is my big fortunate discovery in the sea of available offers in precious/semiprecious stones. In this shop they sell quality stones of various kinds at awesome prices. Plus, here they speak perfect English and listen to the needs of their customers, one order at a time, very patiently, very politely and with great respect, attention and professionalism. I find their customer service to be superb. And the stones! Thanks a million! Saruchi R Fantabulous from start till end! High quality products exactly as described. Stupendous customer service. Shorya is very professional and answered every query of mine with great precision and perfection. Best of luck to Prismatic Gems.

    • Our Story | Gem for Jewels by Prismatic Gems

      OUR STORY PRISMATIC GEMS WELCOME! We are manufacturers of Precious and Semiprecious Gemstones from India, based in the pink city, Jaipur. With over 30 years of experience in the manufacturing sector, we work towards supplying and satisfying customers demands. We have a lapidary in-house, Experienced in manufacturing work and custom orders, Exhibitor at Holidome Gem & Jewelry, Tucson, USA. & IIJS Mumbai. As we have direct sourcing of raw material from the mines and in-house manufacturing with a workforce of more than 100 workers, we provide all the varieties of gemstones, all quality grades at best possible prices. We believe in having long term relationship with our customers by building and maintaining their trust and satisfaction. We provide our buyers with custom orders, like gold and silver knotting between the beads and variety of locks. We deal in more than 50 types of gemstones. Everything in our shop is handcrafted with lots of hard work, love and patience of our artisans. MANAGEMENT Raghav Khandelwal (Msc. International Management, Trinity College Dublin, IRELAND) Co-Owner, Customer Service An experienced international manager. Shorya khandelwal GIA, G.G Co-Owner, Customer Service GIA GRADUATE GEMOLOGIST NEW YORK, USA ​

    • Shipping & Returns | Gem for Jewels by Prismatic Gems

      SHIPPING & RETURNS SHIPPING POLICY FREE SHIPPING WORLDWIDE ​ EXPRESS SHIPPING $30 ​ We can ship to virtually any address in the world. Estimated delivery times Australia: 7-15 business days Canada: 7-15 business days France: 6-15 business days Germany: 7-15 business days Greece: 9-20 business days Ireland: 10-20 business days Italy: 7-15 business days Japan: 10-23 business days New Zealand: 12-25 business days North America: 7-15 business days Europe: 7-15 business days Australia, New Zealand and Oceania: 10-18 business days Asia Pacific: 7-12 business days Latin America and the Caribbean: 7-20 business days North Africa and the Middle East: 10-20 business days Sub-Saharan Africa: 10-25 business days I'll do my best to meet these dispatch estimates but can't guarantee them. Actual delivery time will depend on the delivery method you choose. Customs and import taxes Buyers are responsible for any customs and import taxes that may apply. I'm not responsible for delays due to customs. RETURN & EXCHANGE POLICY WE GLADLY ACCEPT RETURNS, EXCHANGES AND CANCELLATIONS Contact me within: 14 days of delivery Return items back within: 30 days of delivery Request a cancellation within: 12 hours of purchase If you need to return an item, please Contact Us with your order number and details about the product you would like to return. We will respond quickly with instructions for how to return items from your order. Buyers are responsible for return postage costs. If the item is not returned in its original condition, the buyer is responsible for any loss in value. Questions about your order? Please CONTACT if you have any problems with your order. ​

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